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    Quality Followers

    We here at Instasky will provide you with very high quality followers that will increase your social media presence.

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Why should you Buy Instagram Likes and Followers ?

Don't get us wrong. We know that buying Instagram followers and likes is very unethical. We are also aware of hard it is nowadays to become famous on Instagram because of all the competition. We have designed a system that will increase the followers and likes on your account so you can get noticed more by big corporations. Lots of up and coming artists are buying followers and likes for there Instagram account for multiple reasons. Some of the A list celebs have there PR marketing team look for the best deals on Instagram likes and followers. They need to buy fake followers and likes to keep up with the industry standard. At this point in 2015 it is the norm to buy Instagram likes and followers to give your social networking page a boost.

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Secured Payment

We can assure you that when you purchase Instagram Likes or Followers, your payments will be secured through our Paypal Integration Checkout tool. We have a contract with Paypal that allows you to purchase Instagram likes and followers from our website and securely checkout. We never keep your Credit Card details or personal information on our servers. All the payment process is done through Paypal which is 100% secured.

Customer Support

Here at Instasky we take big pride in Customer Support. We make sure that our clients are always happy with there order when they buy Instagram Likes or followers through us. We have a chat dedicated team that will look over any concerns or issues you might have with the orders. We also have a skype team that is available almost 24/7 and is located in the Eastern time zone of the world. The support team is based out of Toronto, Canada. All of our agents are english speaking and have had over 10 years experience in Social Media Marketing.

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Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back Guarantee. This means that if for whatever reason you do not receive the Instagram Likes or Followers in 24 hours from the purchase time, we will automatically refund you your money. Make sure you use the contact page to make us aware of your requests.


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